In Studio Coverage Only. $250.00
On Location Starts At $2000.00 includes time, 1 wall-size photograph and 10 gift-size.
Klaus has been published in a number of books and magazines.

Quote: From Wedding-Portrait Photography World by Jack Curtis:

"Like Klaus, I feel excitement in the search. Iíve been sitting here for some time holding in my hand his bridal portrait of the ballerina who is the bride, delicately balanced, poised on a ballerina shoe, stretching to reach her new husbandís eager lips. The freedom of the space within the picture, the sylvan setting the soft tones hint of the touch of the masters. It does stretch oneís imagination. There is something down-to-earth here Ė yet so refined. Klaus did not simply pose and snap. Three people came together, joined in the execution of a tiny semblance of a masterpiece."

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